La cité au bout de la Terre

I made a quilt untypical for me - fantastic, imaginative. But  I remain faithful to that what I like: geometry and structure.

My concept was as follows: the starting point was classic log cabin blocks in form of a city. As blocks descend, they begin to twist, losing their classic structure. Log cabin blocks transform into twisted log cabin, then into into chaotic elements. And that e transition into the chaotic elements was the hardest part for me - I'm not quite happy with the final result. Then the chaos is mixed with small parts of space and then the space ends up as a log cabin blocks again ( not very visible on the picture). 


And the elephant? He came out by accident - really ! I made a classic  Snail's trail block and in conjunction with another block th elephant was born. It's a reward from fate for me  :) An elephant for good luck.

Quilt's dimentions  are 90 cm x 120 cm. I used plain satin cotton from I decided to quilt it in circles using a quilt guide bar. I drew the first circle, then I quilt the next one using that guide bar.  I wrapped it on both sides with a tape to prevent from moving. It worked, the circles are  regular. At the end I made an apliquee:  a space  window in the center of the circles - originally there was a yellow square as the other windows. I quilted  with Amann's multicolored thread in yellow-blue-brown colors  - like the fabric used in the quilt.

I register it  to the  Le Carrefour Europeen du Patchwork contest, which theme was "Trip to the end of the world." I didn't have much  hope that my work would entry into that contest because is a very high level competition and only 38 works are selected. And they did not accept my work. But it's a pity tahat I didn't received the evaluation note for my quilt : I would have known what to improve for the future.  I know that I did not devote enough time for this work.  But free time is always missing. 

But still, I gained a lot: I made the quilt that I would not have done without a doping of a contest; I dared to send it to a prestigious competition; I dreamed for a while how good it might have been if they had accepted it; I found out that I need to spend more time when making a quilt for a contest and I am sure hat I want to repeat that experience  next year.  What I lost: 21 euro for entry fee. A  small price for what I gained, right?