Fish like cosmetic bag

I made a small cosmetic bag from 10 squares - very easy to do, but sew you need to sew it partilly by hand, so not everyone decides to do it. I did.

Such cosmetic bag, beautifully quilted, I got last year from Joasia from in memory of an exhibition in Italy, where I had the opportunity to show my hexagons. 

The base of my cosmetic bag is a green - blue batik, which I like very much. I was doing it far from home, so  the only matching thread for hand quilted I had, wasn't perfec t in the color. What's more it proved that the waxed hand-sewn thread are really very handy - the ordinary thread (Madeira Decora) pulled out the small parts of cotton batting.

I only had a very light zipper, which was to be sewed in such way that it would be visible inside the bag. I didn't like it and I knew that the new owner would not like it as well. So I cover it with batik stripes. It came out pretty good.

And here is the pattern how to match the squares: 

Side squares are cut diagonally to form triangles with sewing margins. Squares are firstly sewed in rows (rows go diagonally). After adding batting and the lining, I sewed marked sides of the squares by hand . And than hand-sewed the zipper inside the bag.

Ps. The initial idea of ​​this cosmetic bag was a meshwork, but without the meshwork scheme  it turned out to be too difficult. But I will return to the meshwork, this time armed with the press bars:


Ps. I do not know what the kind of fish is this cosmetic bag, but it looks like fish for sure :D