Quilt and folk exhibition

Today I enyojed " Quilt  and folk" exhibition organized by the Association of Polish Patchwork and Cepelia in Bemowo Cultural Center in Warsaw. Folk is now everywhere,  even in quilts ;).

All the quilts presented on the show can be seen here.  But its not same. At the exhibition you can see the technical details of quilts and their finishing. Some of quilts happended to have very wavy borders. And on the show where quilts are suspended  in the air it that is  first thing you see. But on the other hand, you can also admire the perfect quilts with astonished precision piecing and finishing a quilt.


I liked very much the variety of techniques: traditional quilts, applique, art quilt, confetti, pictorial quilt, cyanotype, chenille (Miro- like quilt - great!), fabric  manipulation (ginger cakes - I fell in love with it !), hand quilting... Some of them were master pieces majority of  people do not even suspect how much effort and skills  are needed to make them !