For those who think quilting is not for them

I still hear: swing and quilting is not for me, I have no patience, I don't know how to use a sewing machine, I have no time ...  It's not true - quilting is for everyone!

Do you know what's best in patchwork and quilting? It's variety. There are so many options: traditional patchwork - for thoses who love geometry, symmetry and order; art quilt - for people with an artistic spirit; paper piecing - for perfectionists; aplique - for admirers of free style; free montion quilting - for those who like to draw; confetti quilts - for those who like to paint;  crazy quilts - for those who hate maths; math quits - for those who don't; scrap quilts - for those who can not throw anything out; fussy cutting - for those who are not afraid to cut the fabric ... In other words - show me  your quilts, and I tell you what you are :)

Making quilts does not require special quilting supplies.  Of course as time passes  we want to sew comfortably, faster, easier. But to star - it's enouth to have a needle, thread and scissors. And the desire. I started this way. It was 10 years ago. I always admired quilts but I knew little about it.  have found quilt classes  - it was a course of hand piecing. I bought three  patterned fabrics and one plain for the background. It supposed to be a small wall quilt, came out  to be a bedspread. During making it  I added another fabric, lost few needles, many times pricked my fingers . And so I made  my first quilt :

Yes, it is big. No, it is not difficult. Yes, it takes some time and patience, especially at the beggining  (like everything else). No, it does not require special skills (straight stitch ). Yes, everyone can do it - really.

You do not have to start with a bedspread - just a placemat. No need to buy expensive fabrics- quilts made from old cotton shirts are breathtaking. You can sew by hand, you can on the sewing  machine - most of us  starts with the old home sewing machines. Piecing quilts  on sewing machine is really easy - if you can use the foot pedal you can sew quilts.

I know what I'm saying. I'm giving quilt clases.  Those slasses are  for everyone - including those who have never touched a sewing machine before. And these people in three hours are able to create a quilt placemat : quilted and with proper binding.

Of course, one placemats are better than other . But it's normal. I always say that you have to find the style that best suits us: the perfect miniblocks  or crazy quilts; perfect quilted repeating elements or fancy designs.  I say that everyone has their own margin of tolerance and stick to it: for some it will be half a millimeter, for another half centimeter. Because it is not about making perfect qults from technical point of view, but about having fun. And the technique will improve over time.

It helped me a lot that I started with quilt classes. This gives some basics, it saves a lot of time and because it and teaches what is most important and where you can use shortcuts. But the course itself is not enouth, you need to start quilting  at home. You can make small quilts, work little by little, or you can sew quilts for children - children do not see that the quilt is not perfect - children see that it is colorful . Making quilts for children gives a huge motivation :)

I try different quilt  techniques. I use ready-to-use patterns or I design my owns. With some I fall in love (traditional geometrical blocks , with the others not quilte so  (applique, paper piecing confetti ...). And I know  my strong points (calculations, fabric selection, proportions, balance). Everyone has their  strong side and can use it as a base for making quilts (it can be precision of  sewing, artistic sense, color selection). Nothing forced. But it is worth trying new techniques, even to see that it is not for me. And sometimes there comes a pleasant surprise - that I also can sew it :)

So let's sew :)