Another big sandwich quilt

I made another huge bas cover: 90 inch (2,3 m)  x  102 inch (2.6 m). Six square meters of piecing. And quilting.

Cupper, brown and green colors of  this bedspread come perfectly with autumn leaves. Hence the pattern: traditional maple leaf block. 72 leave blocks of 11.5  inch (after piecing) :  216 squares - leaf centers, 72 squares of background, 288 HST squares  leaves - background and 72 squares with leaf stalks - and each of them had to be trim to 3,5 inch size.  And stitched together.

And then a huge sandwich which already a piece of cake for me.  And quilting - with my new Janome Horizon machine is a pure pleasure. Well, almost because I have still to hide threads myself. And then hand binding  - also a pure pleasure. 10 metres of hand binding took me  2 h 15 min. 

I was quilting with different threads on the top (light and green) and on the backing (brown).  And inside is a  cotton batting- I like it very much because it gives the weight to the bad cover  and lies perfectly on the bad. 

Autumn leaves but they look very nice in a early summer garden :)