Smiley squares

I made another smile quilt in April . It was going to be fast and simple one and of course it not come out such.

I wanted to make it from small squares. I spontaneously rushed to cut them out. I cut out hundreds of them, and then stiched them in light-dark pairs. Only than I thought that i could have done it  much easier: sew together one light and one dark strip and then cut out  pairs of squares from it. Much faster. But it was too late. So I assemled these squares further changing constantly  their number in rows (as it supposed to be a spontaneous sewing I did not do the pattern first). 

This  small quilt exhausted me so much that I could not even make a binding  - I just sewed all three layers, turned it over to the right side, pined it with safety pins and quilted in straight lines.

No more squares !