Prague Patchwork Meeting 2017

This is was third visit to the annual Patchwork Exhibition in Prague. Spontaneous, at the last minute. This time I did not exhibit anything there , because  I'm preparing a quilt for another competition later  this year. I 

The exhibition was much less interesting than last year and two years ago. and it's not just my opinion. But beying there I focused on quilts from a joint international project "Orient" using scraps Kazakh fabrics (more about this project, could read on the Kiboko website):

and quilts made by children from  the Bernina quilt school:

I, a lover of traditional patchwork, also enjoyed very much works of Brigitte Morgenroth - log cabin - traditional and twisted  and quilted by hand.

And machines: a Bernina longarm, which quilt without anybody holding it  (you can sit and drink a coffe instead )  and a machine for sashiko - looks like a hand quilt.


Future of quilting....