Paper Piecing Sewing Girl

I paper pieced a "Sewing Girl" using a free PP pattern by Peggy Aare. The original pinting is from a Danish artist Vilhelm Hammershoi. 

The pattern is 20 x 21 inch. At the begining I thought about sewing on Freezer Paper, but I decided to use a traditional PP method.

I don't like the preparatory phase of PP. I printed out the pattern (6 sheets of A4) in two copies and made two big charts of original size (I used one as a pattern for cutting fabric pieces, and the other as a sewing guide). It' wasn't easy to glue them together because the patterns margins on these six sheets were different. That's why I gave up sewing on special PP paper (too many layers of paper when margines were glued together) and redraw the pattern to tailor paper.

I chose and cut fabrics: first into stripes according to the color guide chart - and attention: from fabric no 9 you need to cut 3" stripe, not 2". And from no 4 it's sufficient to cut 4" stripe, from no 7 - 5" strpe, and from no 11- 4 " stripe.

I glued together A4 sheets and I cut them into individual pieces (A1, A2, A3 ...) - and attention : pieces A4 and C4 belong to section H, and G1 and G2 are from the same fabric, so you can cut only one G piece). Than I cut the tailor paper into sections (A, B, C ...).

Then sewing: first the individual sections - and attention: pieces F1 and F2 should constitue a separate subsection Fa, otherwise you cannot sew the next pieces. The same with A4 and C4 (should constitue subsection Hz). I pieced the sections in the following order: A + B + C + D + Fa + F + K + M + N; E + L; G + H + Hz + I + J. I was afraid that it might be difficult to sew together all the sections (to match the edges ​) but I used a temporary glue stick to glue edges of papers to the fabric and it worked out as the Freezer Paper. Highly recommended !

m not fully satisfied with my color selection, it does not look good on the shide side: the face and the hand are too dark and the skirt is too bright. But never mind. Maybe I will try this pattern again in another colors, because I like it very much. And it has the right size for a big nice pillow.