How to make a big quilt sandwich and survive ...

I've just made a quilt sandwich. A big one. Even very big. The quilt top is 240 cm x 250 cm (94 inch  per 98 inch). It is not that difficult (or even scary) as many people think - let's see how I did it:

1. Floor 

I started by rolling the carpet and washing the floor (unbelievable how muchis under the carpet). For my sandwich I needed 12 m 2 of floor ( my sandwich + a space around it to walk). This was  the most difficult part, the rest was easy.

2. Backing

(Note: the fabric on the bottom has to be pre-washed first -to avoid shrinkage  - because it is a huge sheet of fabric).
I made it from a fabric of 1.5 m width - I sewed along two pieces of about 2.6 m long each - I got a big piece of 3 m x 2,6 m, so I cut out a stripe of  30 cm so to obtain the backing which was about 10 cm larger from each side from the quilt top. I ironed it (as far as I could) and spread out on the floor. I glued the edges with painter's tape (hint: textile tape is better than the paper one because it is much easier to peel it off the floor).  I put pieces of tape one by one starting with opposite parts A, than B and so on,  stretching the backing to avoid wrinkles: 


3. Batting

My cotton batting is 1.8 m wide. I needed a piece of about 2.6 x 2.7 m. 2.7 m =1.8 + 0.9 m so I needed to add to the one piece of batting  of 2.6 m length the half of it.  So I needed about 4 m  (2.6 x 1.5of batting 1,8 m wide.

I sprayed the backing (not too much, ) with temporary spray adhesive (I can not imagine making such a large sandwich without a spray adhesive) . Firstly, I sprayed a quarter of the backing, put  the batting on it, and then another. When I got a wrinkle I lifted that part of the batting and put it down again.  I used my feets to smoothed out the batting  (hint: wear immaculate socks : D)

I laid down three parts of the batting as on the upper right picture. I assembled this three parts in one big batting using an one side termoadhesive fleece tape. (Hint: the most convenient is a small Prym iron or tourist one ).

I cut off the batting which extended the backing  - it would be easier to lay down  the top.

4. Quilt top

I sprayed the batting with the adhesive spray  - this time only in the middle of the the sandwich. I laid down  a folded top on it - I smoothed it out with hands this time and sprayed another part od the batting. It's important to start from the center of the sandwich. 

5. Safety pins

And then only curved safety pins (a temporary adhesive spray is not enough for such big sandwich ). I used as many safety pins as I had. 

And that's all !  Really have nothing to fear ! Preparing this post took me more time than making a quilt sandwich  :) 

PS. To be continued....