A good sewing machine...

.... is important. I found  it out when quilting my huge quilt bad cover with my new Janome Horizon  MC8200 QCP.

There is no need to present this sewing machine - for those who quilt  it's the  best choice because of the distance from the  needle to  the body of machine. I started with the Husquarna Viking Emerald 116 (17 cm), then was Elna 7300 (22 cm), and now I reached the top with  Horizon (28 cm). It's not only the comfort of work but also the quality of quilting.

I watch the backing : no loops, knots, etc. And I think about competitions which judge, among others the quality of quilting on backing of quilts. Well, the owners of better sewing and quilting machines get head starts.

And as a balance I stiched the binding by hand - I love to do it and  it gives a perfect finish - a genuine handicraft. 

And for the end  the code for this quilt top: 10 - 38 - 228 (225) - 25 - 100 (the key for the code can be found here.http://kiltowo-english.blogspot.com/2016/12/9-24-144-16-64-63.html)