Pictorial Quilt Workshop by Kiboko

Last weekend I was at a workshop organised by Marzena Lew (Kiboko) in Toruń. Marzena showed us how to make a pictorial quilt - to transfer an image into a quilt. The technique is very user-friendly but time consuming.

The workshop lasted for two days. In one day we wouldn't be able not create such works. It takes time: selection of fabrics, redrawing the pattern, cutting, ironing, painting and quilting. Marzena fortunately helped us with an advice and hints step by step

In  the pictures I caught only a few stages of the work, there was no time for that. It was interseting to see different methods of working on that project: some of us worked one by one element : redraw, cut out and iron. I used another method: first I draw all elements, then cut out all the shapes and at the end fixed them on the fabric. It was was easier for me to do this way and allowed me to exchange the incorrect color element.

Works of the other participants you can see here: they are very diverse. This is precisely the advantage of working in a group - you can see how much depends on the personality and technical skills of the person who creates a quilt. Even in pictorial quilt, which is an exact copy of the original picture. Although here, adding your own style is a disadvantage rather than an advantage. But who cares ;)