My very own blanet

I made a blanket for myself. A lttle bit different from my other works. From recykling fabrics, cozy and old fashioned.

And nostalgic, because I used my favorite shirt in it. I added some mens shirts and a Teddy Bear printed fabric - to make it more cheerful.

Inside I put a wool batting - it's very soft and easy to stitch. The backing is from fleece. It was the first first time that I used a fleece as abacking - it turned out not to be so difficult to stitch - I've just had to sandwich it with a lot of safety pins.

I quilted it twice: first only top with batting and then the whole quilt with the fleece backing. It was time consuming because I had to sandwich it with a lot of safety pins (densely) twice.

But now I'm sitting covered with this blanket - it's super-warm and soft. This wool batting is wonderful !