My new sewing machine

I finally have it ! The sewing machine I was dreaming about ! With a long arm and a big place for quilting ! Isn't t it great ? :

I loved the little sewing room in a lantern that I saw on Małgorzata Kreft's page Szmatki Małgorzatki. So I did it . Myself ! bought a lantern in Ikea and the small furniture in Leroy Merlin. Everything else I found at home.  

Wallpapers I made from decorative paper. I pulled out small drawers and hung them under the ceiling - I came out with additional shelves for fabric stash (never enough). I folded fabric scraps and stacked them on the shelves, I made pillows for the chair and a quilt to hang on the wall. 

A sewing machine I did - like in the Małgorzata's lantern Gretel - from adapters from the battery charger (I once bought a universal charger with 15 adapters and of course none of them fit my laptop). But for the sewing machine they are perfect !

I loved that small house  !!!

PS. Thank you Jolanta that you have noticed that I forgot to put the thread. Here it is ! And I added safety pins to the small sandwich quilt.