Exhibition of quilts by Basia Pieczynska

Yesterday I was at the opening of an exhibition "The Magic of quilts " by Barbara Pieczyńska in Konstantynów Lódzki.
Basia Pieczyńska in quilt dress

Basia is an artist - she creates art quilts but traditional quilts as well. In her work you can see her joy of life and her unique personality. Her works are full of colors and mainly of a very big size (I love such big quilts !). Only my camera with a fixed focal length is not able to catch them..

Map of Konstantynów Łódzki where the exhibition takes place 

Entrace to "Manufatura" in Łódź
Kaffe Fassett

Farmer's wife 

Red cabbage dye 

The exhibition is open until the end of February - let's see it!