Santas and tulips, or Merry Christmas!

I made Log Cabin Santas - the first ones were too large. But next were OK  - the size of dwarfs.

For the first Santas I used 2,5 inch stripes. I made pillows from them. To make smaller ones I used rasterquick vlieseline - the bar is 1 cm and that's the right size of stripes for small Santas. 


And here is the the other Santa. I made it using Log Cabin Chevron method.  

And as a opposite to Santas, I made a spring blanket with tulips following Cloud9 Fabrics pattern "Amsterdam Quilt". I made one quilt before using teh same pattern and fabrics - I like it very much. The picture quality is very poor, I did not have photo camera ...

So  Merry Christmas because it's already December 24 - the whole advent calendar is open !