Patchwork Idea di Treviso

Thanks to Joanna Soloch some quilts from Poland was exhibit during a regional quilt show in Treviso, Italy. I went there with my hexies ( I know, it's time to make a new quilt for exhibitions ;). A tour to Venice with Joanna was an additional incentive :)

With Joanna Soloch quilt

This was an annual exhibition of regional quilt association - in a beautiful fifteenth-century mansion. Quilts were mainly traditional and hand-quilted - they fited perfectly to this interior.

Atarashii quilt

The above quilt was probably the most beautiful on the show (it got public choice award), but I was fascinated by one quilt made for the competition "Many faces of people":

And by this one :)

I was also impressed by a very precise  quilting of Joanna Soloch. And each bead was sewn by hand.

  And by Czech quilt balls on inflatable balls.

And at the end : a bee (original size) from the Museum of Glass in Murano, whereI went with Joanna. There were other insects - including ants - all in 1: 1 size! And something from the sea: