9-24-144-16-64 (63)

The code in the title is a key to make a blanket from "disappearing nine patch " blocks. Like this one:

I chose 9 fabrics. Blue, white and red. Most of them are blue, red is the not much because red is a very strong color and it's visible from first glance. From those nine fabrics I cut 24 stripes (2 or 3 from each fabric) 7 inches (18 cm) wide. From each stripe I cut 7-inch squares - it's the best size to use all the width of the belt. I had 144 squares . I pieced them in 16 large squares (nine small squares in each), which then I cut in four ("disappearing nine patch" - click here for the tutorial). I received 64 quilt blocks - I used 63 of them arranging them in 7 rows of 9 blocks. I got a bedspread which is app. 67 x 86 inch (170 x 220 cm).

It is quilted along the seams with a cootton battig inside. Very simple but timeless :)