Sew as you go but with a plan

It looks like a very simple thing: a quilt made from squares. You might say: too boring to sew. But not at all ! It all depends on the choice of fabric - here is a  full color harmony. And joy.

The most exciting part was a selection of fabrics and planning how to organise the squares. It's sew-as-you-go pattern, but I couldn't stop myself from arranging a little bit the squares. And then it was more boring part of the job: sewing 324 squares together.

The quilt's dimensions: 82 x 82 inch. It's made from 12 different patterned fabric and two solids - all from Kiltowo shop. Back fabric is in polka dots - the super fit.

And here are the fabrics used in that quilt:

Each square is multiplied 25 times, of course :)