Curved only

Quilt with curved  lines only - I thought it was not my cup of tea. But I did and I liked working on it. And sewing it. 

 This quilt was made from six fabrics. It was quite a challenge - to design more than 5 square metres of  irregular pieces from only six fabrics. And despite my tendency to symmetry and straight lines. But it worked !

I put 4 or 5 squares of different fabrics one over another and  and made 4 or 5 irregular cuts. Then I mixed them, sewed and cut again into squares. Starting from 13,5 " squares (3 per WOF) I came to 12 " squares.  

I added a colorful very wide binding. I made a narrow binding at right side of the quilt and wide at the back side - the backing wasn't enough colorful  comparing to the right side of the quilt. 

At the picture below it looks like a baby quilt, but it's dimensions are 89 x 96 inch  and it was machine quilted on Elna  7300  !