Quilt in Public Day

The third Saturday of June is the International Day of Quilting in Public Places. I joined it  (honestly not even knowing it), inventing and conducting an open swinf of a picnic quilt for  local activity center "3 rooms with a kitchen" at a district picnic event in a Magaiczna park in Warsaw.

There were four sewing machines and a power generator. Everyone could have sewn their own quilt square and sign it. Some sewed a few squares of their entire family, even in the name of a dog :)

The event lasted for 3,5 hours, but the quilt was not finished. We still need to sew the squares into raws and frazzle tto create a rag quilt and then a large picnic quilt  for the  common garden of "3 rooms with kitchen" will be ready!

And here's a foretaste of it  - mini picnic quilt made by me  :)