Sewing with friends

I couldn't do it myself. I don't have enought patience for this. But I was not alone - I was sewing it with friends. 

This size of this quilt is 64 "x 64 ". It was pieced using  Bargello technique fdrom 2,842 parts, often less than 1 square inch. I sewed it together with colleagues from the Association of Polish Patchwork - our goal was to sew patchwork which would be than auctioned to fund an exhibition of quilts on Women Congress. Now, te quilt is put up for auction, I hope it get a fair price, because really we put in a lot of work.

For me, the sewing it was a great experience - learning the incredible precision necessaryfor piecing such small components. I do not regret the time spent on it - I wouldn't have patience to learn it by myself. And sewing with friends is always very nice.