Art Quilt workshop

Last weekend I attended the Art Quilt workshop organised by Kiboko, whose works I admire  a lot. I made a portofolio binder using  mixed media: angelina fiber, tyvek, vliseline, fabric paints...  And  an iron, soldering iron and an embossing heat tool. 

I learned how to give  my applique lightness and 3D look. This is my second  Art Quilt workshop (the first one was confetti ) and slowly I begin  to like it!  Especially  a special vliseline, which after treatment with embossing heat tool turns into patato chips ;)

Here is my portofolio binder among others made by other participants and each of them is an inspiration for me for further works.

I was so exciting, that I take away some samples to explore further an art quilt (I have to put something into my portofolio binder).

What's the contrast with my previous samples !

I am progressing :)