Quilt exhibition in Szczecin

The Quilt Exhibition in Szczecin, where are displayed works of over 40 Polish quilters is now open! This is my first nationwide exhibition, because in the previous ones - in Krakow in 2012, and in Berlin 2013 I have not participated yet.

I exhibit  there my the most ambitious quilt : hand-stitched from 1050 hexies  and hand quilted.  It looks really great there !

It's the best place to admire the most interesting quilts from whole Poland. And all of them gathered  in one place ! You can see how different quilts techniques are and how easy (or not ) is to find the one which fits your personality and skills. I cannot present all quilts which caught my attention, so here I focus only on two of them: "Ulotni" by Katarzyna Małyszko" and "Kolory jesieni" by Marzena Lew. 

By the way, I like  Szczecin very much. It's so peaceful

But if you live to far from Szczecin , you can admire in Ustroń  a regional  quilts' exhibition   of Anna Strynger and Grażyna Hurny :)