Snail and the rest

The rest is: sheep, a hen, a mouse, birds and a mini terrier. All on the same quilt and on a free scale.

I wanted to make a quilt with a machine appliquee. I was inspired by the  log cabin animals from a French Quilt Coutry magazine and one of the fabrics with sheep and chickens. The effect: a lot of farm animals with one little terrier.

  before and after quilting

The quilt is 36 inch x 45 inch, machine quilted  with a cotton batting.


To make log cabin blocks, which were a starting point of that project, I used a canvas  with a printed log cabin diagram (but an interlining with printed on grid or a thin paper sheet with a drawn pattern could be used as well):

cut a strip according to the grid
pin it

stich on the back side

stiched and folded strip
stiched  and unfolded strip