Jacob's ladder

I wanted to make a bed cover using only two fabrics. I choose one basic fabric with nearly invisible small patterns and the other one with big flower patterns. After cutting, the second fabric looks surprisingly good, taking into account how big the pattern was and how small the pieces are. But this is also because of  the simple but striking Jacob's ladder pattern. 

Jacob's ladder pattern has a long tradition, many names and varieties. But the most spectacular is in two contrasting colours like white and red. But regardless the fabrics used, it's always easy to count the amount of fabric needed for the project (in mine : 24  12-inches squares blocks =  2 yards of each fabric + additional fabric for binding and border).

 Jacob's ladder consists of only two sub-blocks: four patch and half square triangle units.

And here is the bed cover seen from both sides  - binding is made from one of the fabrics used in the blocks as I didn't want to introduce the third fabric to the design. And hand quilted.