Hello to everybody, 
My original blog is in Polish but I decided to create an English copy of it. I hope you will enjoy it . So, here is my first post:

My first post and my first work – a bed cover. A single bed cover but still a huge project for a beginner.  And entirely hand made, as both top piecing and quilting were made by hand. It took me a lot of time…

The bed cover consist of 32 squares blocks 20 cm (8 inch) (8 inch) each. Every block is different. Some of them are pieced using the same pattern but the fabric choice is always a bit different. So it’s nearly a sampler.  

And all begun  with that simple block:  


Than other blocks appeared, more and more difficult to made:

 Triangular blocks:


Log cabin:

Curved piecing:

 And others:

After piecing, all the bed cover was hand quilted. A lot of work, but the effect really worth of it.