Blue, geometrical and modern

This bed cover comes from last year "blue period" in my work  - like the previous blue - geometrical - modern one.  But this one is different : it's more traditional.

The charm of that project (my own design)  lies with the fabrics used in cold blues and with the symmetry and simplicity of the design consisting only of two kind of blocks.  

Every block is a 12-inches square, so it's possible to  devide it by 3 (one block is 9 patch ) and by 4 (the other - 16 patch). 

The Star block allowed me to learn (successfully) the method of sewing "Flying geese"  from 5 squares:
- 1 big square (geese)   = width + 1 1/4 in
- 4 small squares (background)  = high  + 7/8 inch


The blocks are hand quilted  but all the borders are machine quilted (difficult task as my sewing machine is to small for such projects).  

And in temporary place :