Jelly roll mathematics

I bought once a Jelly roll with old prints and dust colours. It used to be part of historical collection Civil War Reunion by Moda Fabrics. I spent a lot of time thinking hard how to use it entirely and the result of it was something similar to log cabin. I arranged all the strips in five colour groups in order  to leave no scraps. And no scraps left. You really have to be good in math to create patchwork patterns...

I like very much traditional quilt fabrics collections. And they match very well with traditional geometrical patterns.

This bed cover is made with 28 square  blocks by 25 cm (10 in) each (5 by 5 jelly roll strips) plus two additional strips to make a kind of border.

And it's hand quilted ! Binding is made from the same fabric as backing and I'm not well pleased with this solution - the binding is invisible from the back. 
And here is how the quilting looks like: